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Wizarding World Legislation

(Just from that title, I feel like such a huge nerd.)

So, for my scifibigbang entry, the main premise is that Lupin has left Hermione in his will some of his memories, entries from his journal, etc., that reflect how lycanthropy has impacted on his life, and how he's been subject to prejudice and so on, to help her support a case for abolishing anti-werewolf laws.

However, I'm trying to wrap my head around how she would actually do that. I need to do some research on our (I nearly wrote "the Muggle") law system, but that's included in my education so I'd be researching details only. In the wizarding world, it seems like all legislation stems not from the Ministry as a whole, but from departments within the Ministry. And it barely, barely ever seems to get revised.

Assuming that after finishing Hogwarts, Hermione gets work in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, I'd be extra curious to hear any thoughts on either how she'd go about changing laws -- for House Elves, as well.

This post would be longer/more in-depth, but I whacked my head on the metal door-bell we have (like an actual bell, it's quite pretty), and my head is like areherhrheasdlk. Also, SNOW!
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