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Science Fiction & Fantasy Big Bang Art!

Art (original music) for Manniness' fabulous story, The Envelope, as part of the 2011 scifibigbang. I was very late to the art claims due to an overseas trip, and I was aboslutely thrilled when the mods allowed me to claim her story.

Title: Wonderland.
Type of Art: Original music, ~3:30 minutes in length.

Instrumentation: Double-wind orchestra, incl. various mallet and other percussion.
Style: Varies! Overall, programmatic; includes a jig and atmospheric music.

It can be found on SoundCloud HERE, and on YouTube HERE.

(And here!)

manniness's brilliant, in-depth, and thoughtful story can be found HERE at her journal. I strongly encourage everyone to read it, as it deserves much love. ♥
Tags: composition, movie: alice in wonderland, music, pairing: alice/tarrant, scifibigbang 2011
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