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Fic: Crime

This fic is for the mission_insane fic challenge. The prompt was Crime, #01 from the “Un-themed 7” table.

Title: Crime
Pairing(s): Gen.
Introspective, smatterings of angst.
1,086 words.

Definitely not mine.


Sirius Black had always known he was a rule-breaker, but he had never considered himself a law-breaker.Collapse )

One down, 199 to go. *grin*



Fic: Ghosts and Photographs of Our Past

For anythingbutgrey's non-canon ship ficathon. I realise the ficathon itself died a long time ago, but I've nonetheless taken it upon myself to fill as many prompts as I can.

Title: Ghosts and Photographs of Our Past
Pairing(s): Remus/Sirius, slight one-sided Remus/Tonks, mention of James/Lily.
Angst, hut/comfort, romance.
1,996 words.

For the prompt: I see houses filled with ghosts. "A Sirius out of Azkaban, a Sirius that has been on the run for a year this is a man that has many, many carefully constructed barriers, guarding parts of his thoughts and feelings that Remus is not allowed to see."

I do not own Harry Potter. 
Ghosts and Photographs of Our PastCollapse )

This is my first time writing this pairing; I hope I did them justice.

Fingers crossed. :3 Feedback would be lovely.



Fanvideo: One Simple Idea

My first Harry Potter music video. I need to find a comm. to post these too (undoubtedly there will be more) -- does anyone know of any? I'm watching a community for HP fic, but don't know one for videos.

Anyway, this is mostly PoA (with a tiny splash of OotP), set to One Simple Idea from the Inception soundtrack. It's pretty much gen, unless your slash goggles are fimly in place. In which case, there is definitely squint-worthy Remus/Sirius. I'm pretty sure I only see it because I ship them like crazy.
One Simple Idea || Harry PotterCollapse )

I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out -- any feedback would be lovely. <3

EDIT: For some reason, it's cutting off the edge of the video. Must be my journal style.




I think that this can be brilliantly summed up in these three songs:

So you're gonna live in paradise...Collapse )

The place that religion has in our society today is absolutely disgusting and I hate the fact that we aren't allowed to comment on someone's relligious beliefs, because OH HECK NO THAT IS JUST TOTALLY OUT OF BOUNDS LIKE OH WOW HOW COULD I EVEN THINK ABOUT DISRESPECTING YOU?!

It's all fun and games until someone says even a slight little thing against your religion, isn't it? Never mind that Australia, for one, is a secular society so what the fuck is religion doing holding even a slightly privileged position? Why do we still have chaplains in our state schools (which might not be for very much longer, fuck yes)? Why is a self confessed athiest allowing such idiocy to even bloody continue?

Because this world is fucked, that's why.

Love you all,



And when the Lord comes down with his big, stiff, slippery rod of judgment -- I'm gonna be the first to go~

Writer's Block: Missed it by that much

Which films got unfairly snubbed by the Academy this year, and why?

What I would really, really like to know -- and if someone can answer this, please -- is why the hell The Social Network got Best Original Score over both Alice in Wonderland and Inception. And neither How to Train Your Dragon or HP were even nominated. I mean, what the hell, industry?!

Suuuuuure, I'm all for newcomers getting recognition (more hope for students like me, I s'pose), but how on Earth could both of those be beaten?! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU D:

This makes me so angry I don't even--

I haven't listened to much of The Social Network soundtrack, but from what I have heard it's this wishy washy atmospheric stuff that has no substance or melody to speak of -- and a lot of my friends (musicians themselves, mind) came out of that movie totally confused as to what they were trying to achieve with the music. I was all set to be tragically torn between Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer -- my two favourite composers -- and then out of the blue comes this? What are you smoking, people?

The Alice soundtrack was an absolute gem, one that clearly shows Elfman's talent and one that complimented the movie extraordinarily well -- at least it's been nominated for a Grammy as well, so there's still hope. The Inception soundtrack is an entirely different ball park (I'm talking apples and oranges) but it was no less fantastic. 

I think, though, that the moment I lost all faith in the ability of award-givers to correctly judge music was when Half Blood freaking Prince got a Grammy. I was disgusted and angry and appalled -- Nicholas Hooper wrote the most unimaginative, unsuitable music for OotP and HBP, and I near wept tears of joy when I heard he wasn't coming back. That's a wholly different rant, though.

Whilst both Zimmer and Elfman seem in every interview to be as un-concerned by awards and what have you and entirely focussed on writing the best music they can like the awesome musicians they are, it'd be really nice for the awards to actually recognise the raw talent of these two. Granted, Zimmer already has an array of awards to his name, but Elfman is one of the greatest film composers Hollywood's ever seen, and quite frankly, what little faith I had left in award-givers after the HBP debacle has now completely vanished.

What's your deepest, darkest fear? Have you tried to overcome it?


I think that about answers the question. No, I have not. But I'm okay with little ish ones. Just not the fucking huge ones.

Also, clowns.



People I care about dying.

That about covers it, I think.


If you're conservative, religious, right wing, easily offended or a lot of other things, you might not want to read this. I'm not going to be politically correct, either. Not that a lot of people read this journal.

I'm also really tired.

Climate Change, Right Wings and Conservatives, and Pet Shops: THE RANT, Part ICollapse )

I want to say a lot more -- religion, relationships, anyone? -- but I'm going to cut it there. Ooh, I actually feel a bit better. :3


Mission:Insane Master List

I am officially nuts. Like, really. Oh well; I've got a whole year, so why not? Here, then, is my mission_insane fic challenge master list (I haven't yet figured out how to work the html for the table, bear with me). I haven't decided on all twenty yet, either. Songs and Games are currently empty because I haven't decided on which ten songs or games I'll pick.

And with a click of my magic mouse, I reveal to you... INSANITYCollapse )

Writer's Block: Time after time

If you fall in love with a book or movie, do you tend to watch/read it again and again? If so, what's your upper limit on repeats?


I will watch or read something I love again and again and again and invariably write fic about it. HEE.

The Alphabet Challenge: G

I finally updated! Inspiration struck whilst I was lamenting how sad it was that my sister rarely ever pays attention to her cockatiel anymore, and voila.

Will be cross-posted to alice_tarrant .

Prompt: Gratitude.
Rating: G.
Warnings: None.
Length: 1,623 words.

I do not own Alice in Wonderland (2010).
GratitudeCollapse )


I think this is far better than F, myself. It was great stress relief, anyhow. I feel all calm now, even though I have an exam I am not prepared for tomorrow. I would really like to know, though, how to fix it so that it stays in the font of my LJ, not of the word document. Oh well.

Feels so good to be writing for Alice in Wonderland again.

Until next time,

Naranne. <3

Fic: The Contemplation of Apples

So I gave Write or Die a go. Random-ness and things that happen when I take inspiration from an apple that I have just eaten followed.

Title: The Contemplation of Apples (and Other Problems for Consideration).
Pairing: Squint-worthy, implied John/Sherlock.
Genre: Humour, nonsense, gen.
Rating: G-8.
Length: 382 words in 10 minutes. I started out small (really small).

Disclaimer: If you recognise it, it does not belong to me.
The Contemplation of Apples (and Other Problems for Consideration).Collapse )

That was fun. I’m not entirely sure I want to submit the world to this, but apparently this notion was overruled. By what I'm not yet certain.



So, for an application for a film course, I had to write a screenplay – and it didn’t out too bad, if I say so myself.

Actually, it was rather addictively fun, for all that it was only allowed to be two pages long. It’s such a different medium to written storytelling, that the challenge is fun and the change of pace rather invigorating. A lot of my stories lately have been this artsy, no dialogue, description-heavy kind of style, so having to write something where my meaning was direct, something that is meant for performance, was certainly a different experience!

I’m curious, though. How many of you writers out there have attempted/have considered attempting a screenplay?

Fic: Contrast

This is just a little drabble that kind of popped into my head when I was listening to the gorgeous song Del Fuego by Fat Freddy’s Drop and, being extremely exhausted, I decided to write. … Yeah. 

I will probably expand this into a proper-length fic at some point.  

Will be cross-posted to sherlockbbc . Maybe when Im more awake, though.

Title: Contrast.
Pairing: Slight John/Sherlock – it is there, but I would consider this mostly friendship.
Genre: Angst, hurt/comfort, friendship.
Rating: G.
Length: Drabble. 660 words. 

Disclaimer: I do not own Sherlock – that belongs to the BBC, etc. Thank-you Arthur Conan Doyle, for dreaming up these characters for everyone to play with. If you recognise it, it isn’t mine! 


ContrastCollapse )



Thanks for reading my late night insanity.  Hope somebody enjoys it!

Until next time, 


Shamless Self-Promotion

I made a study journal.

No, don't look at me like that. D;

If you're ever really bored vaguely interested, it's very originally titled narannestudy. I know, right. I'm supposed to be creative.

I did go super nerdy though, and make the theme "Freshly Baked Bread" or something, because food shortages were key problems in both the French and Russian Revolutions... Yeah, anyway.

There, instead of here, will also be where I will be posting all the movie analysis that I will start doing in the coming months (I was going to start tonight, but, uh... we'll see), including all the fandoms I currently support.

Should I post those to the comms, too? Not sure. :3

Anyway, there's nothing there right now, but I for one find my subjects interesting. You guys might, too! X3

Much love,


Writer's Block: Drink up me hearties!

What would your pirate name be, and why would you be the most feared buccaneer on the seven seas?

... and really bad eggs.

Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!

I would, of course, be a NINJA instead.

Fic: The Joys of Messiaen

Ive mixed fandom and study. God help me.

I was studying for a music assessment I have to sit on Tuesday, and then this fic popped into my head.

Title: The Joys of Messiaen.
Pairing/s: None. Well, I guess if you squint really hard, turn your head sideways and the monitor upside down, there is hints of pre-slash Sherlock/John. You
d have to be really looking for it, though.
Genre: A splash of humour, I think; certainly, it features bemused!John and lecturing!Sherlock.
Rating: G.
Warnings: Gen. Does that count?
Length: 2,033 words.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sherlock Holmes. Anything you recognise isn
t mine. Self-betad.

Will be cross-posted to
sherlockbbc.(-gasp- De-lurking in that comm.)



“How do you remember all this?”Collapse )



Hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time,


EDIT: I totally freaking aced the Messiaen section on my music exam. Heck yes. 

Fic: Another Year, Another Question

So this was meant to be for the start of term, but I had no time to proof-read and so it’s being posted a few days late. (One day I’ll write something and get it posted on time.) Just a short ficlet/one-shot for the start of term, wherein James is jealous and the Hogwarts Express is red and awesome, and Teddy blushes over Victoire like the twelve-year-old boy that he is.

The title is ridiculous. Just thought I’d mention that.

Will be crossposted to hp_fanfiction.

Title: Another Year, Another Question.
Pairing/s: Slight sprinkling of canon pairings, but definitely not a focus.
Genre: Family/General.
Rating: G.
Length: Rather short: 1,105 words.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.


“James Sirius Potter’s first thought upon seeing the Hogwarts Express was that it was positively huge…” Collapse )


Thanks for reading – hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time,

Naranne x

Fic: Falling

A drabble that actually stayed a drabble. My god, what is happening to me? Something that I wrote when I just could not concentrate on study any more, and my pen/mind spewed it out into my notebook. I had no say, it just happened. Might be cross-posted to holmeswatson09


Pairing/s: Watson/Mary, Holmes/Watson.

Genre: Angst.

Rating: G.

Length: Drabble: ~449 words.


Disclaimer: If you recognise it, it does not belong to me.



“Because falling’s not the problem, when I’m falling I’m at peace. It’s only when I hit the ground it causes all the grief.”Collapse )



Until next time,


Naranne. x

Happy Belated Birthday, Harry

A fic on occasion of Harry Potters 30th birthday, which was last Saturday. So its a little late.

EDIT: Guh. I am an idiot. CLEARLY, it was his thirtieth, not his twentieth. >.< You can tell how tired I was when I posted this...

Title: Memories.
Pairing/s: Slight Harry/Ginny (not a focus).
Genre: Family, with little helpings of nostalgia and angst.
Rating: G.
Length: 2235 words.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Cross-posted to hp_fanfiction


"Waving up at him from the photograph, cheerful grins plastered on their faces and looking as if they couldn’t be happier, were four people he would recognise anywhere."Collapse )

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