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Master Fic List and Welcome


You have stumbled upon the journal of Naranne, an avid fic writer and reader with too much spare time and fantastic procrastination skills. This journal is, I would comfortably say, 90% fandom orientated -- nothing is f-locked except Big bang things I'm not allowed to post yet so feel free to friend! About the most personal my entries get is the occasional rant on world issues, ramblings on my pets, or something else random.

For anything music or study related, pop over to my study journal, narannestudy where you can find music analyses, various essays and so on.

Feel free to friend, and enjoy your stay!

Master Fic List:

Organised by fandom, alphabetically. Stories are in chronological order, or by series if applicable. Highlight to read any and all warnings. And if you really want to trawl through my old stuff, that will all be here, too.

Alice in Wonderland (2010)Collapse )

Harry PotterCollapse )

InceptionCollapse )
PokémonCollapse )

Sherlock HolmesCollapse )

SherlockCollapse )

Will be duly updated as I write more fic.  

The family Harry could have had, if only things had been a little different.

Clips: PS, PoA, OotP, DH Part II
Music: Time -- Hans Zimmer, Inception OST
Disclaimer: I own nothing and make no profit.

Inception Big Bang Art Master Post

Art for eustacia_vye28's fantastic story for Round 3 of the inception_bang.

Style: Original music -- inspired by the Inception, Dark Knight Trilogy and Torchwood soundtracks.
Length: A whopping six minutes.

Can also be listened to HERE on soundcloud and shortly on YouTube.

Gay Rights Rant

Cut for length and much swearing, because homophobia is NOT OKAY, I DO NOT CARE WHAT RELIGION YOU ARE, IT'S STILL PREJUDICED AND THEREFORE WRONG.Collapse )

Well, that feels better now. I think I'm going to go read some Arthur & Eames get married in NY Inception fluff. OUT OF SPITE.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Big Bang Art!

Art (original music) for Manniness' fabulous story, The Envelope, as part of the 2011 scifibigbang. I was very late to the art claims due to an overseas trip, and I was aboslutely thrilled when the mods allowed me to claim her story.

Title: Wonderland.
Type of Art: Original music, ~3:30 minutes in length.

Instrumentation: Double-wind orchestra, incl. various mallet and other percussion.
Style: Varies! Overall, programmatic; includes a jig and atmospheric music.

It can be found on SoundCloud HERE, and on YouTube HERE.

(And here!)

manniness's brilliant, in-depth, and thoughtful story can be found HERE at her journal. I strongly encourage everyone to read it, as it deserves much love. ♥

Wizarding World Legislation

(Just from that title, I feel like such a huge nerd.)

So, for my scifibigbang entry, the main premise is that Lupin has left Hermione in his will some of his memories, entries from his journal, etc., that reflect how lycanthropy has impacted on his life, and how he's been subject to prejudice and so on, to help her support a case for abolishing anti-werewolf laws.

A few thoughts...Collapse )

This post would be longer/more in-depth, but I whacked my head on the metal door-bell we have (like an actual bell, it's quite pretty), and my head is like areherhrheasdlk. Also, SNOW!

An Interesting Thought

In regards to Harry Potter and J. K. Rowling's intention to label lycanthropy as a representation of people in real-life with mental illnesses and disabilities, or (not specifically stated by Rowling), homosexuals.

Click to read moreCollapse )

I have one message for you all today...

... life is what you make it;

So make it funky!

Fic: To Fall

Written for Challenge #88 at hh_writersblock and also for Prompt #7, Death, from the Themed:Horror table.

To Fall.
Gen. Harry, Hermione, Luna and Draco. Various zombies.
Zombie apocalypse AU. No, I'm serious. Horror themes, smatterings of angst.
PG-13 for mild violence. Just against zombies, though.
1,156 words.

I do not own Harry Potter.

Voldemort is dead, long dead, but the peace that they fought so hard for has been shattered. And it’s worse.

To FallCollapse )




You're gonna be a lawyer someday

Just this. This song is pretty darn appropriate.

So cut that I missed the auditions for Ross's student big band

Sherlock Holmes OST

Dear Hans Zimmer,

I want to be you one day.

No, really. I want to be able to compose something that simple, yet so awesome. Something so inspiring, something that tugs at people's hearts in unidentifiable ways, and something that brings out the emotions of the characters perhaps even better than the actors themselves.



Now, excuse me while I go lie on the floor and listen to the Holmes soundtrack.

... and I can feel myself wanting to go back to the fandom. No, self. Not now. No, no--

Script Again

Guess who's just passed fifty pages out of one hundred in their script!


ME! Click for sillinessCollapse )

Okay, stuff to do now. ;3


Written for this prompt at inception_kink .

Title: Takeaway Coffee and Spontaneous Kitchen Visits
Character(s)/pairing(s): Arthur/Ariadne, with cameos by Cobb and Eames.
Genre: Fluff. Gratuitous fluff, in fact.
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Length: 3,048 words (what?).

Disclaimer: I do not own Inception.

Summary: Ariadne is having a bad day. Arthur bakes her cookies.


Takeaway Coffee and Spontaneous Kitchen VisitsCollapse )


Yes, well. I prefer my attempt at angst, but...



Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit I'm going to the Australian Society for Music Education conference in July as the freaking Victorian Young Composer nominee wow, wow, wow...

*bounces around*


*bounce -- bounce -- bounce -- grin -- *

Some Random Thoughts on Inception

Anyone that follows my other journal (read: about one person here) would know that I started doing some analysis a while back. I want to get back into that, but the Alice score was driving me nuts. Anyway, this may seem spawned by my recent Inception fic-writing, but it's actually the other way around. ;3

The reason I'm posting here is because Inception's plot and score are more complex than Burton & Elfman's Alice in Wonderland. (That's in no way a criticism of Elfman's work, mind. It'd be like apples and oranges comparing these two.) I'm looking for some more character and plot orientated thoughts rather than music, at this point, hence the fandom journal.

Cobb & Mal as the emotion centre of the film, the "dreaming" theme, and things as yet to be decidedCollapse )

I'm aware I'm not making a whole lot of sense (half-asleep, mildly incoherent), but any thoughts would be fantastic. <3


Edit: Anonymous commenting is enabled.

Fic: Of What Was, and What Is

Dear self, repeat after me: I do not need a new fandom. I do not need a--

Oh, look at that. Inception fic!

This is for a prompt at inception_kink (Shame? What's that?) which read (highlight to read -- spoilers): "The only thing Ariadne built in reality was Arthur's grave."

It's also for a friend of mine to whom I promised some Arthur/Ariadne a while back. I really don't think this is what she had in mind, though. Sorry. ;3

Title: Of What Was, and What Is
Pairing(s): Arthur/Ariadne.
Strong PG-13.
Angst. Oh shit, the angst. Het.
2,295 words.

WARNING(S): Highlight to read -- character death, language, heavy angst, also definitely un-beta'd

Disclaimer: I do not own Inception.
Cobb doesn't say anything the first time Arthur shows up as a projection.Collapse )



Oh, shit, self, what?

I'll cross-post this to one of the Inception comms in... the morning. Once I've gathered the nerve. *sheepish*


Video: Puppy VS Dalek

My sister got this remote control dalek for her birthday, and it is the funniest thing ever. 8D It's one of the new ones, unfortunately (no fear-inducing bronze/brass, here), but when we showed it to our nearly three month old puppy, he had the most hilarious reaction.

Which I have nicely done up in video format so that everyone can join in with stupid amounts of aww and laughter. *grin*

(And because I'm smart, I'll even embed this time!)


Sorry for clogging up people's flists, but I had to share.


Fandom Trivia Question

I have a question for anyone who's a fan of the Zelda games and has played through Twilight Princess once or twice:

What do you think the main characters' ages are, approximately?

I'd put Link in his late teens (as with Ilia, or her a bit younger), Colin at roughly ten and the rest of the village children at that or younger, Zelda in her twenties (?), and I don't even know with Midna/the rest of the Twili/Ganondorf. I mean, the Hylians are essentially a human parallel, but who's to say that the Twili don't age far differently to the Hylians?

The other thing I suppose to consider is the nature of Hyrule -- it's essentially a medieval land, but how much, beyond technology, did the creators stick to that sort of era? Would girls marry and have children at sixteen? If so, someone like Uli could easily be the same age as Princess Zelda and still be expecting her second child. However, I'd probably put Rusl in his thirties, and Uli a few years younger than him. Ashei I would put in her twenties, Shad in his late twenties, and Auru at least fifty-five or so.

It's not an important detail insofar as gameplay is concerned, but it's definitely a detail that's been bugging me whilst planning out/writing my Zelda fic for the scifibigbang.


(I haven't had a look in Zelda forums, yet; just on the main sites.)

Tiny Poodle of DOOM


... that is all.

(The tiny ball of fluff/love/energy/devilish intent is asleep, thankfully.)


Fic: Scoop

For the mission_insane fic challenge. Prompt #09, Scoop, from the Un-themed #07 table.

Pairing(s): Ron/Hermione.
Fluff, romance. Pure schmoop.
Length: 1,162 words.

Definitely not mine.

Summary: Ron gets a job at a Muggle ice-cream parlour.



#09 -- ScoopCollapse )



Well, I haven't written Ron/Hermione in a while. Or fluff, for that matter. A change is as good as a holiday, right?



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