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Fandom Trivia Question

I have a question for anyone who's a fan of the Zelda games and has played through Twilight Princess once or twice:

What do you think the main characters' ages are, approximately?

I'd put Link in his late teens (as with Ilia, or her a bit younger), Colin at roughly ten and the rest of the village children at that or younger, Zelda in her twenties (?), and I don't even know with Midna/the rest of the Twili/Ganondorf. I mean, the Hylians are essentially a human parallel, but who's to say that the Twili don't age far differently to the Hylians?

The other thing I suppose to consider is the nature of Hyrule -- it's essentially a medieval land, but how much, beyond technology, did the creators stick to that sort of era? Would girls marry and have children at sixteen? If so, someone like Uli could easily be the same age as Princess Zelda and still be expecting her second child. However, I'd probably put Rusl in his thirties, and Uli a few years younger than him. Ashei I would put in her twenties, Shad in his late twenties, and Auru at least fifty-five or so.

It's not an important detail insofar as gameplay is concerned, but it's definitely a detail that's been bugging me whilst planning out/writing my Zelda fic for the scifibigbang.


(I haven't had a look in Zelda forums, yet; just on the main sites.)
Tags: brainstorming, game: loz: twilight princess, scifibigbang 2011
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