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Gay Rights Rant

Dear world,

What the fuck is so fucking hard to understand about the fact that supporting gay rights is about supporting human rights and equality, and that supporting gay rights does not automatically make me a lesbian, which you throw about as if it's a derogatory term instead of a really-not-probably-that-accurate label for a sexual orientation, which, hello, why the actual fuck does it matter who someone loves, or who someone beds, as long as it's consensual, and not you know -- their brother or sister, or someone ten years younger?


Love is beautiful and this world is fucking mad anyway, what are you all DOING fighting AGAINST the right of two people to love and cherish and honour each other for the rest of their days, based upon some seriously fucking medieval bullshit idea of what the hell is going on with this universe? With wars and famine and disease and global warming and all the other shit that the human race kindly has to deal with on a daily basis, why are so many of you still trying so hard to deny people the right to be happy?!

And just so we're clear, if you take a knife and slash through the belly of a gay man, or a gay woman, or a bisexual woman, or a transexual, their blood still runs the same hot, bright, life-filled red as any heterosexual married man or woman you'll find. You know why that is, you moronic filthy excuses for human beings? It's because we're the same, you bigoted shits -- WE'RE ALL HUMAN, so why do some of us have the right to love, simply because of the gender of whoever it is we've chosen to love? Why does it MATTER?! I don't -- I really don't -- give a fuck what deity you believe in, whether you think the Force is real or whether you meditate five times a day or whether you think that I'm going ALL the way to some special hell because I for one support love in all its forms, GAY AND STRAIGHT, this is not okay.

And so help me, I will fight for it.

Not because of my sexual orientation.

Not because I'm an atheist.

But because the right to love and love freely should be one of our BASIC, HUMAN RIGHTS, and yet for some reason, parts of society have taken it upon themselves to tell people that no, your love is not okay.

And those parts of society?! Those parts of society are the demons in this situation, let me tell you, not the gay man who curls up next to his loving partner at night -- who, oh holy shit, has a penis -- nor the gay woman who kisses her partner on the cheek in the morning to say hello -- and guess what? it's another female, boy howdy. It's the people who dare to infringe upon other people's rights in the name of good, in the name of tradition and what's "right" -- those people are the ones that deserve the shame.

Not the ones that dare to believe in love.


a really fucking angry supporter of human rights.

Well, that feels better now. I think I'm going to go read some Arthur & Eames get married in NY Inception fluff. OUT OF SPITE.
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