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Master Fic List and Welcome


You have stumbled upon the journal of Naranne, an avid fic writer and reader with too much spare time and fantastic procrastination skills. This journal is, I would comfortably say, 90% fandom orientated -- nothing is f-locked except Big bang things I'm not allowed to post yet so feel free to friend! About the most personal my entries get is the occasional rant on world issues, ramblings on my pets, or something else random.

For anything music or study related, pop over to my study journal, narannestudy where you can find music analyses, various essays and so on.

Feel free to friend, and enjoy your stay!

Master Fic List:

Organised by fandom, alphabetically. Stories are in chronological order, or by series if applicable. Highlight to read any and all warnings. And if you really want to trawl through my old stuff, that will all be here, too.

Alice in Wonderland (2010):

The Alphabet Challenge:

A series of drabbles/one-shots based around a single-word prompt, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet. All are Alice/Tarrant.

A: Angel. (G. 927 words. Posted 21/05/10.)

B: Blood. (PG-13. WARNING/S: implied torture. 854 words. Posted: 21/05/10.)

C: Caffiene. (G. 5,106 words. Posted: 21/05/10.)

D: Dreams. (Strong PG-13. WARNING/S: some horror themes, slight gore, angst. 4,476 words. Posted: 25/05/10.)

E: Empty. (PG-13. 2,213 words. Posted: 26/06/10.)

F: Futterwhacken. (G. 723 words. Posted: 08/07/10.)

G: Gratitude. (G. 1,623 words. Posted: 07/11/10.)


By Any Other Name.
With intelligence comes its perks, and the talking flowers of Underland are no exception… Total crack. Slight Alice/Tarrant.
(PG-13. 1,326 words. Posted: 05/06/10.)

Harry Potter:

Some links go to (these are indicated, otherwise assume the story is on LJ). All stories are in chronological order.

Chocolate Kisses and Unfinished Potions Essays.
Easter is enjoyed by both Muggles and young wizards and witches alike; on this particular holiday, will the power of chocolate and the relaxtion brought by a holiday bring two of our favourite adolescent witches and wizards together? Ron/Hermione. Harry/Ginny.
(G. 5,655 words. Posted: 12/04/09. Link goes to

“For what was not the first time, Harry counted himself lucky he had found such great friends, and a family which considered him their own… he silently decided he was of the opinion that this was the best birthday he had had in years.” Harry/Ginny. Ron/Hermione.
(G. 2,900 words. Posted: 01/08/09. Link goes to
NB: Arienhwyfar is Welsh for snowy owl.

You Need Some Direction.
Increasingly frustrated with her roommate and long-time friend’s lack of direction in his life, Hermione continues to urge him onward – yet what Ron finally comes up with is something far different to what Hermione had anticipated… Draco/Hermione. Slight mention of a possible other pairing.
(PG-13. 2,043 words. Posted: 22/05/10.)

“Waving up at him from the photograph, cheerful grins plastered on their faces and looking as if they couldn’t be happier, were four people he would recognise anywhere.” A one-shot for Harry’s thirtieth. Slight Harry/Ginny, slight James/Lily.
(G. 2,235 words. Posted: 08/08/10.)

Another Year, Another Question.
“James Sirius Potter’s first thought upon seeing the Hogwarts Express was that it was positively huge…” A one-shot for the start of term. Pretty much gen.
(G. 1,105 words. Posted: 05/09/10.)

Ghosts and Photographs of Our Past.
For the prompt on anythingbutgrey 's non-canon ships ficathon: I see houses filled with ghosts. "A Sirius out of Azkaban, a Sirius that has been on the run for a year this is a man that has many, many carefully constructed barriers, guarding parts of his thoughts and feelings that Remus is not allowed to see."
(PG-13. 1,996 words. Posted: 11/02/11.)

Mission: Insane

Sirius Black had always known he was a rule-breaker, but he had never considered himself a law-breaker. Prompt #01 from the "Un-themed: 7" table.
(G-8. 1,086 words. Posted: 15/02/2011.)

Ron gets a job at a Muggle ice-cream parlour. Ron/Hermione. Utter schoomp, I have no excuses. Prompt #09 from the "Un-themed: 7" table.
(G. 1,162 words. Posted: 18/02/2011.)

To Fall.
Voldemort is dead, long dead, but the peace that they fought so hard for has been shattered. And it’s worse. Gen. Zombie apocalypse AU for hh_writersblock challenge #88 and Prompt #07, Death, from the Themed:Horror table.
(PG-13. 1,156 words. Posted: 21/04/2011.)


Of What Was, and What Is.
Cobb doesn't say anything the first time Arthur shows up as a projection. Arthur/Ariadne.
(PG-13. WARNING/S: Character death, heavy, heavy angst, language. 2,295 words. Posted: 21/03/2011.)

Takeaway Coffee and Spontaneous Kitchen Visits.
Ariadne is having a bad day. Arthur bakes her cookies. Arthur/Ariadne.
(PG-13 for language. 3,048 words. Posted: 08/04/2011.)


All Pokémon stories are on

Sherlock Holmes:

“Because falling’s not the problem, when I’m falling I’m at peace. It’s only when I hit the ground it causes all the grief.” Watson/Mary. One-sided Holmes/Watson.
(G. ~449 words. Posted: 14/08/10.)

Sherlock (BBC, 2010):

The Joys of Messiaen.
In which Sherlock tortures his violin, lectures John on the benefits of music history and indeed history in general, and spouts enough information on Messiaen to fill a small essay. Gen.
(G. 2,033 words. Posted: 11/09/10.)

He is Sherlock Holmes – he does not feel helpless, he does not feel, there is no room for emotion in his work… Slight John/Sherlock.
(G. 660 words. Posted: 26/09/10.)

The Contemplation of Apples.
A bit of random silliness that happened when I decided to try write or die.
(G-8. 382 words. Posted: 07/10/10.)

Will be duly updated as I write more fic.  
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